Why Your Community Pharmacy Needs Instagram!

Are you looking for ways to market your community pharmacy? How about searching for an approach to directly reach potential and existing customers with your products and services?

Social media has changed the way pharmacies do business. No longer is your patient/pharmacist relationship limited to within the walls of your pharmacy or when a patient comes in for a refill. Through social media, these relationships become an everyday interaction through sharing healthy living tips and receiving comments and engagement directly from your customers.

You may have a Facebook page, possibly even a Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Have you considered the benefits of adding Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy?

What is Instagram?

Instagram began as a photo-sharing platform that was founded in 2010 and within a few short years was purchased by Facebook, a dominating social media channel. Instagram, much like Facebook, has grown into one of the fastest growing social media networks that we’ve seen.
In September of 2017, Instagram statistics showed that there were over 800 million users worldwide. In addition, 15 million businesses are using Instagram to promote their business.

While Instagram remains a photo-based network, companies are leveraging the opportunity to showcase their products and services, so, why aren’t you?

How can Instagram help your community pharmacy grow?

Growing Demographics

As a pharmacy, your target audience isn’t typically the younger age demographic (18-29) that Instagram originally attracted. Those demographics have changed in recent years and now, more than ever is a great time to get on Instagram. Currently, it’s estimated that 33% of users are between the ages of 30-49, 18% are 50 – 64 and 8% are 65 and older. As these demographics continue to grow and adapt to new forms of social media, your pharmacy can be there to reach them.


Instagram is a hashtag network, which means that through the use of hashtags you can target different things, such as locations or services. Advertise in your community by hash-tagging your city, county or state! With over 800 million users worldwide, this is a way to hit your target demographic easily.

Showcase Your Products

An Instagram statistic showed that 60% of users found out about new products on Instagram. Do you carry quality products in your pharmacy? Show followers the brands you carry easily by highlighting pictures of them on your pharmacy shelf or sharing their brand’s post.

Keep the Conversation Going

Through social media, you are able to take your current customers’ once a month refill visit to a continuous conversation. Sharing healthy living tips and telling them about the products and services you offer keeps your pharmacy at the top of mind.

Build Your Brand

While you can’t specifically track ROI when it comes to Instagram, the main benefit for your pharmacy will be the brand exposure you will gain.

How do you track the success of Instagram for your pharmacy?

We track the success of Instagram by analyzing the following things:
– Followers: Are you constantly gaining followers? Whether you are gaining followers through word of mouth, hashtags used or advertising, more followers means more exposure.
– Engagement: Are users commenting or liking your content? You don’t want to put out bad content. Users should be engaging in some way, so you know that what you are sharing is beneficial.
– Hashtags: What are your most popular hashtags? This will tell us how we are reaching your audience best, and what we can focus on.

Are you ready to up your social media game?

As a pharmacist, you have always been and always will be a part of your patients’ health care team. You are who they see in between doctor’s visits, and helping them manage a healthy lifestyle is your priority.

UpTrend can help you manage Instagram for your independent pharmacy! Our team will create engaging content, showcase the products and services you offer and help you gain the brand exposure you are looking for.

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