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The Seven Steps To A Successful Site

  • A successful web site starts by gathering as much information as possible. There is a lot to take into consideration when we design the overall tone of your site, so we ask that you complete our website questionnaire to help us understand your needs. What is the purpose of the site? How are we going to accomplish your goals? Who is or will be visiting your site, and what type of content will engage them?
  • During this phase, we create an outline to your website which includes a site map and navigation layout. Based on this outline, we will evaluate the scope of the project, provide you with our recommendations, and create a preliminary wireframe for the site.
  • This is where we determine the overall tone of the site. We incorporate components such as your target audience, your logo and company colors to strengthen your brand and identity. Once your test site is designed, you will be able to view the project and provide your feedback on the site. Communication is crucial to ensure that the final website will match your needs and taste. We work together until the design is finalized.
  • This is where the functionality of the site is created; combining the design from step three with all content we gathered during the initial discovery phase. Throughout this phase, you will be able to view your site, so you can see the progress and make any additional suggestions.
  • Details! Details! Details! We test the functionality, compatibility and optimization of your new site.
  • Once we receive your approval, it is time to officially launch your website. We upload the files and test one final time to make sure everything was uploaded correctly and the site is 100% functional. Congratulations, your new website is available for everyone to see.
  • UpTrend offers a variety of maintenance packages. Let us recommend the best package for you based on how often you anticipate making edits or additions to your site.