Let’s Get Started!

UpTrend believes the first step is getting to know our clients. We focus on doing our job with a personal touch and work hard to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. Gaining knowledge of your business, customers, goals, competition and challenges allows our team to get results that go beyond our client’s expectations.

  • Goals are discovered and established during our discovery phase. We make every effort to answer vital questions because we believe in-depth knowledge leads to the best outcomes, ultimately resulting in the right solution for our clients’ needs.
  • Next is the planning phase; our team begins to build the groundwork for success. Often solutions require more than one approach. For example, a strategy could combine business development with operational processes. Combine social media and other inbound methods and you are ready to make your product or service a success. The UpTrend team works together to establish a plan complete with project detail and timelines.
  • We collaborate to produce an overall strategy customized with the best interest of our client in mind. During this step, we define our team’s approach and establish measurable goals. With the plan in place, our clients have a stronger understanding of how our energy will turn into results.
  • We all collaborate with the client to make sure everything comes together. Our clients realize that plans are often executed through a culmination of the UpTrend team and our preferred vendors working together. We will often recommend a variety of program interfaces, create business plans, roll out operational processes and educate your sales team.
  • We take pride in the continued success of our clients and believe in building lasting relationships. Goals are continually measured through analytics, productivity and results tracking. We see the importance of setting the trends in today’s ever-changing marketing environment and enjoy sharing innovative ideas. Providing personal attention and delivering unmatched dedication, we take our commitment to our clients very seriously, and you didn’t just hear that from us.
  • Business Consulting
    • Business Assessment
    • Strategic Plan Development
    • Budgeting and Profitability Analysis
    • Business and Growth Strategies
    • Entry Strategy
    • Plan Implementation
    • Operations and Process Management
    Positioning & Branding Strategy
    • Positioning Development
    • Positioning Strategy Model
    • Brand Strategy Development
    • Execution Guidance
    Sales Force Development
    • Customized Training and Development
    • Incentive Plan Design
    • Sales Force Management Guidance
    • Customer Management and Retention
    • Compensation Package Design
    • Sales Performance Productivity Tracking
    • Rigorous Search and Screening process of Potential Candidates
    • Narrow Down Search to Top Candidates
    • Preliminary Phone and Face-to-Face Interviews
    • Perform Background Checks and Personality Index Testing
    Strategic Marketing
    • Brand Performance Analysis
    • Marketing Diagnostic
    • Targeting Strategy
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Digital Footprint Evaluation
    • Analytics & Reports Tracking


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