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    Want to see the ROI next time you exhibit at an industry trade show?
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Successful Trade Show Exhibiting

When our clients seek trade show guidance; we consider the following:

1. Setting Goals – Generating revenue is an obvious goal, but success is measured in multiple ways.
2. Knowing Your Audience – What are the objectives of the conference and topics being discussed? Can your product or service be a resource to help them achieve their goals?
3. Making an Impact – Customize your exhibit with creative displays, marketing materials, promotional items and calls-to-action.
4. Offering Education – Rather than selling, educate attendees on the key benefit of your product or service.
5. Interaction – Provide opportunities for demonstrations and involvement; get visitors engaged.
6. Manning the Booth – To nail that first impression, staff the booth with the employees who are most knowledgeable about your product or service. This may not be your sales people!
7. Reconnecting After the Show – It is time to nurture your prospects and convert them into paying customers! What is the best approach?
8. Measuring Success – Learn, rinse and repeat! Evaluating your goals provides invaluable insight on your ever-changing approach for future trade shows.

Trade Show Services

At UpTrend, we want to understand your needs, develop creative ideas to meet those needs and deliver the results that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a clean booth display or a fully customized trade show strategy, let UpTrend be your provider for everything trade shows.

Exhibitor Strategy Creation

  • Goal Setting
  • Conference Evaluation
  • Attendee Personas
  • Budgeting


Exhibitor Plan Execution

  • Design Conception & Creation – booth displays, banner stands, table throws, promotional items and more!
  • Build Educational Offerings
  • Provide Interactive Concepts
  • Develop Calls-to-Action
  • Planning & Logistics


After the Show

  • Measurements & Tracking
  • Lead Nurturing Campaign Creation
  • Lead Nurturing Campaign Execution


Community Events and Sponsorships

Why should you get involved? Giving back and getting involved in your community is always the right thing to do. It increases visibility, shows your commitment, and eventually makes a positive impact on your bottom line. UpTrend is ready to assist you in any part of the execution process, from advertisements and t-shirts to displays and giveaways!