The UpTrend Accreditation Pilot Program is a program designed to assist independent pharmacies with the process of getting accredited. One of the fastest growing accreditations in healthcare is Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation. Increasingly, payers are using accreditation as the main differential when awarding contracts. If your organization is not accredited, you may lose out on future business growth opportunities. 
Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation is now the standard and has become inevitable to remain competitive. 
An additional advantage to becoming accredited is the quality improvement that comes as a part of the accreditation process. The goal of our pilot program is to help you improve your procedures and customer service, and better your organization overall. Our direction and dedication will help your pharmacy become a frontrunner in the Specialty Pharmacy industry. The Pilot will be run in accordance with the specific guides and timelines associated with each accreditation.

This program is a new program and will consist of up to 3 pharmacies. We will respect the commitment to each pharmacy and stagger the startup of each using our best judgment.


In order for you to achieve accreditation, UpTrend will work closely with your team. We will focus on common goals and shared successes. Our goal is to deliver your pharmacy with a plan that will maximize your chances of becoming accredited as quickly as possible. Additionally, our preparation will prepare your staff to participate in any on-site surveys with assurance. One benefit to becoming part of our pilot program is our services will be customized to you and our dedication will be unmatched!

Our Pilot Program will provide:

  1. Perform a Gap Analysis – analyze your current Policy and Procedures. This allows us to develop a detailed Plan of Action to obtain your accreditation.
  2. All necessary policy and procedures, quality control projects, staff training, and measurables needed to achieve accreditation will be developed by UpTrend.  This will involve either amending what you currently have in place and developing any that need to be implemented in order to become compliant.
  3. Uploading and monitoring of the application process through completion and approval of the application submission.
  4. Conduct ongoing training that will fully prepare your staff for any and all new Policy and Procedures that need to be implemented for accreditation.
  5. A two-day on-site mock audit that will be a dress rehearsal for the real site visit.
  6. We will correct any deficiencies noted from Mock Audit or from Surveyor audit.


The Accreditation Process will take approximately 6 to 12 months, depending on the Accreditation your pharmacy is trying to obtain.

Step 1: Pharmacy signs agreement and pays accreditation fees.
Step 2: Pharmacy works on accreditation responses & provides documentation
Step 3: Accreditation body responds to documentation and entity has a determined time frame to respond to Requests for Information (RFIs).
Step 4: Accreditation body does an onsite audit of policies and procedures.
Step 5: Once an accreditation is granted, there will be a periodic review of policies and procedures.


In conclusion UpTrend is looking forward to working with your pharmacy on a common goal to obtain your Specialty Accreditation. With our combined experienced we are confident we will go above and beyond and deliver the results they deserve.

These 3 spots will fill up fast so contact us today for more info!